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What Should I Know when Purchasing from an Outdoor Power Bank Factory?

People have higher requirements for outdoor camping, and one of the biggest pain points of camping is the power supply problem. Therefore, the category of outdoor mobile power supplies has sprung up, quickly occupying the top of the best-selling camping items on major platforms. It is as small as powering mobile phones, speakers, and projectors, and as large as powering induction cookers, computers, and camp lighting, it is inseparable from outdoor power sources. So, how to choose an outdoor mobile power supply? Is the larger the capacity the better?

The bigger the outdoor power supply capacity, the better?

The increase of outdoor battery capacity is not a simple battery stacking, just like electric vehicles, although increasing the battery life is essentially increasing the number of batteries, but with the increase of the number of batteries, it will bring about battery management, battery layout design and battery heat dissipation management. It also tests the "skills" of manufacturers.

Charging power is very important

In fact, in addition to the battery capacity, the core parameters of outdoor power supply, it is recommended to give priority to the charging power. The size of the battery power is more like the horsepower of a car. The higher the power, the more powerful devices can be driven, such as electric hot pot or projector. On kilowatts, the general power supply cannot be carried. Especially for friends who often travel long distances, although it is a bit expensive, I recommend trying to choose high-power outdoor battery products with a kilowatt or more.

More details need to be paid attention to

Since the charging power supply needs to supply power to different devices, a qualified outdoor power supply needs to provide rich interfaces and stable power supply performance. In addition, the battery capacity of the outdoor power supply is relatively large, and whether it has the function of fast charging when charging itself also determines the use experience brought by it is completely different. This is like a new energy electric vehicle. Although it has a battery life of 1,000 kilometers, it does not have a fast charging function. Each charge takes 10 hours to make a base, and it can last for 2 hours after 10 hours of charging. This kind of experience is really bad.

In addition, the battery capacity unit of many outdoor power supplies is Wh, which is different from the mAh unit of the power bank we use every day. The daily 20000mAh=72Wh or so, 1000Wh=1kWh=1 kWh, the larger the number of Wh. The larger the capacity. In addition, this high-power outdoor power supply is basically equipped with a cooling fan, and the manufacturer's noise adjustment for the outdoor power supply can also see the manufacturer's level. The outdoor power supply seems to be a simple item, but in fact every detail in it is very deep. The heat dissipation material, battery arrangement structure, waterproof performance, etc. can affect the outdoor performance of the product.

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